5 Steps to Ditch Eternal Niceness and Rule with Boundaries – A Fairy Tale

Image of a crown on top of a pile of old books

Once upon a time, there was a majestic queen reigning over the kingdom of her life, but instead of wearing a crown, she’s got a “Welcome” mat stuck to her forehead.

Ok, spoiler alert, this is you, queen, let’s talk about you.

Your graciousness is admirable, but somewhere along the line, you’ve forgotten that even queens need their space. Fear not, for we’re about to embark on a boundary-setting journey that’s as fun as it is liberating. So, let’s trade in that “Welcome” mat for a scepter and start reigning supreme over our lives!

Step 1: Self-Awareness – Crown Your Awareness

You’re the CEO of your life, darling. And just like any good CEO, it’s essential to know what’s happening in your realm. Take a moment to identify where your boundaries are, and more importantly, where they’ve been conveniently misplaced. It’s time to acknowledge that you’re the architect of your kingdom’s landscape. Sure, you’ve got the sweet nature of a fairy godmother, but even she knows when to draw the line – even the pumpkin carriage had curfew.

Step 2: Upsetting the Apple Cart – Throw a Boundary Bash

Imagine all those suppressed eye-rolls and polite nods escaping like wild horses. It might seem daunting, but trust me, it’s liberating. Accept that as you tighten your boundaries, a few feathers will ruffle. But hey, even peacocks shed feathers before dazzling everyone again. So, throw an imaginary “Boundary Bash” where you bid adieu to the urge to please everyone. It’s your party, and you’ll set limits if you want to.

Step 3: Assertive Awesomeness – Unleash Your Inner Diva

Channel your inner diva and practice assertive communication. You don’t have to be aggressive; just be firm and clear. Imagine yourself as a sassy talk show host, calmly delivering your boundaries with a dash of “Oh, honey, no.” You’ve got this, and your kingdom will respect your sovereign right to personal space.

Step 4: Royal Backbone – Protect Your Castle

You’re a queen, not a doormat! When someone breaches your boundaries, channel your inner warrior. Envision yourself in a fabulous suit of armor, wielding a sword of self-respect. You’re not just protecting your boundaries; you’re guarding your kingdom against energy vampires and time thieves. Stand tall and strong; you’re the guardian of your castle now.

Step 5: Self-Love Soiree – Celebrate You

As you navigate this boundary-setting journey, remember to shower yourself with love and compassion. Host a “Self-Love Soiree” where the guest of honor is none other than you. Give yourself permission to falter and stumble, but always rise with grace. Be your own cheerleader, because even queens need pep talks – albeit with a touch of royal flair.

In conclusion, my regal friends, embracing your inner queen means wearing your crown with pride. Through these five steps, you’ll transform from a perpetual people-pleaser into a boundary-setting monarch who rules her kingdom with kindness, self-assuredness, and a dash of humor. Your life is your kingdom, and you’re the queen who determines who enters and who respectfully bows out.

So go forth, conquer those boundaries, and remember: you’re not just a queen – you’re the whole damn kingdom!

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