Unshackle Yourself From People-Pleasing and Embrace Being 100% YOU

Tired of Navigating Life on the People-Pleasing Express?

Step Aboard the Freedom Caravan and Embark on the Self-Liberation Journey of a Lifetime​

Sounds very dramatic–and why-oh-why so many train analogies–but you KNOW you’re a force to be reckoned with, a high achiever who’s aced the art of adulting in so many areas of your life, and yet, deep down, in your rare quiet moments, you’re haunted by the People-Pleasing Ghost: that nagging need to make sure everyone is happy, even if it means sacrificing your own sanity.

From baking those cupcakes for the PTA meeting (ugh, baking, really? thought you hated that) to nodding along in agreement when your sexist boss makes inappropriate jokes, your life has become a never-ending merry-go-round of meeting others’ expectations, a nonstop conveyor belt of saying yes without even considering the alternative.

Love, listen: it’s not your fault you behave like this. After all, society has been relentless in pushing the notion that your purpose, as a human with a uterus, is to be the eternal caretaker. From the get-go, you were led to believe that being the ‘good girl’ was the golden ticket to happiness. Yet here you stand, decades down the road, still squeezing into that tight ass role, and guess what? Happiness is nowhere to be seen. Then, that pesky inner critic has the audacity to suggest that, since you’ve followed all the rules, been nice and pleasant, and happiness still isn’t knocking at your door… well, then it must be a ‘you’ problem, right?

Let me set the record straight: there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not broken, not one bit. It’s time to debunk a tale you’ve been carrying all along. You’ve swallowed the idea that your needs don’t matter, your desires are off-limits, and that being selfless is your prime directive. These notions have snuck into your thoughts so slyly, they’ve become as true as the Law of Gravity, as indisputable as sunrise.

But here’s the kicker: these are just thoughts, not eternal truths carved in stone. They’re like stories we’ve heard so often they became woven into our DNA. They’re like glass sculptures, seemingly so solid, but just one tap away from shattering.

So, let’s smash these illusions. I can be your sister-in-arms, your Girl Yoda, guiding you to yourself. You, my friend, deserve happiness, your needs are totally valid, and it’s now safe for you to claim all of your desires. As for that ‘selflessness before everything else’ notion? Well, that can fuck right off, honestly.

"This sounds really hard, though, why can't I just keep being a good nice lady?"

Nearly 20 years as a breast cancer surgeon have given me a backstage pass to witness how damaging the relentless pursuit of pleasing others can truly be. I’ve stood beside young, vibrant women – the picture of health, living lives that looked perfect on paper. But inside? Oh, they were screaming, because they felt like strangers in their own skin.

These women, they were pros at putting everyone else first, juggling others’ needs while their own wishes got lost in the shuffle. The result was a toxic coat of resentment brewing deep within. Resentment – the soul’s poison. You might’ve felt it – those odd symptoms that no doctor seems to be able to figure out. Insomnia that dances in the night, aches and pains that play hide and seek, gut troubles that won’t quit – maybe even those pesky auto-immune issues? That’s resentment setting up shop in your body.

Think about it: not speaking your truth, not daring to be your authentic self – that’s like holding your soul hostage. It’s not just about saying ‘yes’ when you mean ‘no’; it’s about building a fortress around who you really are.

And while that fortress might protect you from the discomfort of risking being disliked, it won’t protect you from your body nudging you to take a hammer to it. It’ll nudge you–with an occasional symptom, then it’ll poke you–with a chronic issue, and, if you don’t put a stop to it, it might end up bitch-slapping you with a big-C diagnosis. I’ve seen it over and over.

But guess what? The power to break free is within reach. It’s time to flip the script. I’m not here to promise miracles, but I am here to offer a roadmap. Imagine stepping into a life where expressing every beautiful and flawed part of yourself is not only allowed, but encouraged. Imagine saying ‘no’ without guilt, and ‘yes’ to your desires without hesitation.

This isn’t about radical shifts overnight. It’s about peeling off those layers, one by one, until you stand, without guilt or apologies, in the spotlight of your true self.

Ready to Hop Off the
Everybody-Else-First Train?

Imagine a life where your choices aren’t dictated by others’ expectations. A life where your ‘yes’ isn’t an automatic response and your ‘no’ isn’t followed by guilt. Think about stepping into your power, feeling the unshakable confidence that comes with knowing your worth isn’t tied to how many boxes you tick for others. As you shed the heavy cloak of people-pleasing, you’re reborn as the fierce, truest version of yourself that’s been yearning to shine.

Gone are the days of wearing a smile that doesn’t belong to you, of tirelessly ensuring everyone’s joy while your own soul cries in agony. Instead, you become the curator of your own happiness. Boundaries become your allies, not barriers. You no longer tiptoe around your own needs, but rather, you prioritize them without a second thought. The gnawing resentment fades away, replaced by a sense of empowerment that radiates through your relationships. You pave the way for a life where your choices align with your true desires.

Sayonara to the ‘good girl’ role – you’re the author of your rulebook now, and the pen is in your hand.

Control What You Can Control

You know in your bones that other people’s feelings are not your responsibility, and the only thoughts and emotions you can control are your own.

Trust And Love Yourself Unconditionally

You understand that your needs and wants are just as valid as your partner’s, your kids’, your boss’, and you feel comfortable in pursuing them.

Finally Live As Your Truest Self

You feel like YOU. You dropped the masks, the roles that weren’t yours to begin with, and you feel, at last, that you’ve come home to your true self. And your true self is beautiful, in spite of being far from perfect.

Crossroads Ahead: The Route You Take Is Up To You

Now stands a pivotal moment, where you stand at a fork in the tracks. First, there’s the path of familiarity – you can continue forward as you are, carrying on with what’s been the norm. Odds are, the outcomes will remain as they’ve always been, a repetition of the familiar struggles you’ve encountered in chasing your dreams. You’ve already tried reading the books, listening to the podcasts, and watching the videos. If they’d worked for you super well you wouldn’t be reading this.

So there’s a second track, awaiting your decision.

You can opt for a different path. You can abandon the struggle of trying to navigate this alone and instead choose to be guided by someone who has not only been there, done that, but who successfully led many that came before you. The path of inaction is predictable; you can foresee where you’ll be a year from now. However, the trajectory of life with a seasoned guide by your side is a quest that holds limitless possibilities.

If you’re ready for a transformation that might just blow your socks off, consider this your golden ticket to take the scenic route. Get those clicking fingers ready – hit that button below and let’s kickstart your trip towards your absolute favorite and truest version of you.

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